About Us

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Critterhideout.com is an informational website with the intention of educating people about various types of wildlife. We love animals and enjoy sharing facts about them and pictures of them.

Critter Hideout is a new website, but we want to be known as a trustworthy resource to our readers. So we pride ourselves on having plenty of helpful and engaging content, with lots of big beautiful images.

Our goals with this website include answering common and uncommon questions about animals and sharing facts about various types of animals.

We tend to focus on smaller animals like amphibians, reptiles, insects, arachnids… but not exclusively. We do our best to publish accurate information about animals, and make corrections if we notice a mistake.

Everyone on our team has an interest in animals, nature, or wildlife and cares about the quality of the content we provide. Our writers genuinely enjoy researching and writing the content you’ll find provided for free on this site.

Email us at: info @ critterhideout dot com with any questions or concerns about our content.